TurnKey Vacation Rentals Office Install

Here is another install by 180 Office Solutions for Turnkey Vacation Rentals' office in Austin, Texas. The office was designed with desks from OFD, glass privacy from Boss, pedestals from COE and chairs from Express Office Solutions. It was a truly customized design and build.  #desking #officesolutions #vacationrental #officefurniture #officeinteriors


Halcyon Health Care

Check out the praises from Halcyon Health Care’s Director of Nursing for a recent install by 180 Office Solutions:

Thank you 180! 

Again, you guys got us the desks we needed with such short notice. 

My desk is beautiful.  I know we bought the desk AS IS, but it looks like we paid three times the price on a brand new one.  Thank you for the professional installers as well. 


Diane Hadley, Director of Nursing
Halcyon Health Care

Completed Executive Desk instal at Halcyon Health Care (1)

Completed Executive Desk instal
at Halcyon Health Care (1)

Completed Executive Desk install  at Halcyon Health Care (2)

Completed Executive Desk install
at Halcyon Health Care (2)

AIS Receives Three 2018 OFDA Dealers’ Choice Awads

Leominster, MA – July 25, 2018 – AIS, a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating, recently received three 2018 Office Furniture Dealer Alliance (OFDA) Dealers’ Choice Awards, taking top honors in the categories of Casegoods, Seating and Workstations/Systems.

The awards mark the company’s 10th year of being recognized by OFDA for product excellence.

OFDA President and CEO Mike Tucker presented the Dealers’ Choice Awards to members of the AIS leadership team in June during NeoCon at AIS’s showroom located at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

“We’re honored to receive these prestigious awards,” AIS President and CEO Bruce Platzman said. “The OFDA Dealers’ Choice Survey is very important to AIS because it’s the voice of our dealer community. The feedback we receive keeps us focused on providing our dealers with what matters the most to them: superior customer service, high-quality products with fast lead-times, and competitive pricing. The award for casegoods was especially important to us as it recognized our exceptional in-house capabilities when it comes to laminate.”

How Trump’s tariffs are affecting the furniture industry

With the prices on products adjusting for the tariff increases, numerous companies wonder “How this will affect my organization?”. Below is an excerpt from an article by Diana Budds of Curbed.com which addresses the tariff impact on the office furniture industry.


“The tariffs would likely result in consumers paying higher prices across the board”

Furniture is a $100 billion industry in the United States. According to the U.S. Trade Representative’s office, the value of furniture and bedding imported from China totaled $29 billion in 2016. A July 11 report on tariffs and the the American retail industry from Goldman Sachs stated: “The biggest negative surprise ... relates to furniture.”

AIS Furniture Goes All-in for Laminate

“AIS Furniture isn’t driven to be the first. It strives to be the best.”

“The fast-growing manufacturer of laminate casework, panel systems and other office furnishings is content to let its bigger competitors invest tall dollars in speculative product development. It prefers to wait and see which workplace trends actually gain traction and then pounce on the opportunity by designing products that it can quickly bring to market.”

“‘It’s hard to predict the future, and to a certain extent, we choose not to,’ said Bill Stewich, executive vice president of design and product development for AIS. ‘Instead, we try to be as efficient as possible with our product design development to bring a product to market within a year. Everyone in our engineering department is proficient at creating 3D models. We go right from models to machines so we don’t have a lag in the middle doing engineering drawings and that kind of thing.’

“Stewich pointed to Calibrate Community, an open-plan laminate desk system introduced at NeoCon 2018, as the most recent example of the company’ s fast-track product development capability.“

Spotlight on AIS

180 office opened our doors eleven years ago with AIS as our primary partner. AIS has the ability to manufacture high quality office furniture at a mid market price. This really challenges other manufacturers.Their employees believe office furniture is not always a serious matter. In fact, they believe it can be fun. It’s more about having a happy mindset and loving what you do.They listen to their customers needs and can make quick changes at the customer's request. This attitude and the dedication AIS has towards their work is what leads them to customer satisfaction and success.

Seating Options

When in the office environment, usually we sit in chairs. But recently more options have become available. Not that everyone doesn't love sitting in a comfortable chair, but there are healthier options so we can get our work done, blood flowing, and still be comfortable. The focal upright chair, adjustable desk for standing or sitting, spool chair, yoga ball, and many more substitutes to chairs. These provide employees in the office an alternative to sitting all day. They can use their core to balance,  get their blood flowing through their bodies, or simply stand up for a little bit.

4 Ways to Brighten Up the Office Work Day During the Winter Months

We have almost made it through the winter months, but sometimes this time of year can take a toll and put us in a slump in the office. Thankfully, there are little changes that can be done in the work place to help you make it to spring.

Let the Sun Shine In

Yes, there are many days when it’s gray and chilly outside, but it is not like that every day.  Savor those sun shiny days and take time to sit near the window and open the blinds. Just getting exposure to the sun or watching what goes on outside can really boost our moods. It gives us that extra energy to get things done.

Why Every Office Needs Great Furniture

Most of us don't think about how much our work environment affects our productivity. We get stuck in our day-to-day routines by going to the same desk five days a week, in an office that never seems to change. It gets boring and not as much work gets accomplished. So, what's the secret to being a more productive employee as well as the others around you?  The solution could be as simple as having the right type of office furniture. 

AIS Elite Escape Trip

This year AIS hosted its first Elite Escape Trip to Punta Cana. The manufacture's top sellers were awarded a trip of a lifetime and our very own, Wyatt and Kendell Russell, were among some of the few who got to go. They enjoyed five days of sandy beaches, delicious food, and fun activities. Not only was AIS able to organize this exciting trip for their winners, they also found time to give back to the community. 

When you think of the Dominican Republic, the first thing that comes to mind are the gorgeous white beaches of the Caribbean. What many people don't know is that outside of the resorts, at least one-third of the country's population is living in poverty. AIS members saw just how harsh the conditions were when they visited one of the local schools. In addition to donating school supplies and baseball equipment, they made sure every student received a brand new chair for the classroom. Check out the video below to see the full story:

The Importance Of Ergonomics

Let’s take a look at ergonomics, the study of efficiency in the workplace, and how it intersects with the furniture industry. What if I told you that a few systematic changes could increase the productivity and quality of health for your employees? 

Investing into an ergonomic workplace is one of the best ways to save money on healthcare costs and keep employees satisfied. In fact, leading companies across many different sectors have implemented ergonomic systems. Alleviating the physical and demand on your employees allows them to perform their work at an optimal level. Employees also generally notice when a company is investing in their own individual health, motivating them to be as productive as possible.