4 Ways to Brighten Up the Office Work Day During the Winter Months

We have almost made it through the winter months, but sometimes this time of year can take a toll and put us in a slump in the office. Thankfully, there are little changes that can be done in the work place to help you make it to spring.

Let the Sun Shine In

Yes, there are many days when it’s gray and chilly outside, but it is not like that every day.  Savor those sun shiny days and take time to sit near the window and open the blinds. Just getting exposure to the sun or watching what goes on outside can really boost our moods. It gives us that extra energy to get things done.

Go Green

Go Green.jpg

Give the office some life and get a plant. There are many benefits for having plants in the workspace besides increasing productivity. They are known to create a happier environment because it makes the place calming and comfortable. Many studies have shown that they reduce stress and help with common issues such as anxiety and depression. Plants give off CO2 so, even the air quality becomes cleaner. Overall, they improve the health of the office.

Get A Diffuser

Another way to spruce up the office is investing in an oil diffuser. We all deal with a lot of stress at work but just putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil can make for a more comfortable environment. This is also a way to get creative by blending different oils together to boost the aroma. Various essential oils help with different things. For instance, lavender is a great choice for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder because it helps ease depression and anxiety symptoms. Rosemary oil can help promote productivity and clarity. Another great one is lemongrass, which energizes and boosts moods.

Get Moving

SpecialT ValuLift Height Adjustable Table

SpecialT ValuLift Height Adjustable Table

 Create a work environment that allows for a lot of movement, so you don’t get stuck in a slump. Take breaks and take a walk. Another great addition to rejuvenate the workspace are sit-stand/height adjustable desks. These give you the flexibility to sit or stand while you work. Standing gets the blood flowing which enhances energy, good posture, and sparks creativity.