Overcome a Small Space & Create Your Dream Home Office

Overcome a Small Space
and Create Your Dream Home Office

Whether you work from home full time or just need a space to bring your work home to, you have probably already pictured your dream home office. Maybe you’re picturing a large mahogany desk with accompanying bookshelf, a sitting area with comfortable yet formal chairs, and a cool swanky globe that transforms into a hidden bar. The only problem is that the space you have to work with is too small, and now you are stuck trying to figure out how to make this work. Let’s go over the steps to overcome a small space and create your dream home office!

Create a Plan

The first step in any project is to create a game plan. If you have a small living space, you need to figure out where in the room you can begin setting up. At a minimum, you will need a desk to work on, so find a space on a wall where you can add a desk. Ideally, it’s in a well-lit area with abundant natural lighting. You also need to set your budget. When creating your budget, you need to consider all of the furniture, lighting, and décor that you will need. If you have a low budget, you may want to consider a DIY desk using materials you already have laying around the house. With a plan and budget in mind, you can begin creating your office.

Utilize the Space You Have

With a smaller space available, you have to be creative in what to add to your home office. Real Simple offers several desk solutions for small spaces ranging from fold down desks to a roll out desk. You just need to have enough desk space for your laptop and any other materials you require, such as a notepad and pen. In lieu of a traditional large office chair, you can opt for a stool or stability ball (you can find one for around $20 on Amazon) which will take up less space and are better for the health of your back and core. Since you are setting up your office in a living area where other members of the house may be hanging out, you may want to consider setting up your desk to face a window to help limit and reduce distraction. If there is space, you could use bookshelves to create a natural barrier and give the illusion of a more private area.

Productive Décor

Decorating your dream home office is one of the best parts when setting it up. While you may not be able to paint the walls, as the space is shared with the living room, you can utilize colors intentionally with décor. According to a Life of Productivity, color has a profound impact on your productivity. Blue is stimulating for your mind, whereas yellow is more stimulating for your creativity. Using this color palette, you can add a frame or flower vase to your desk. You can also intentionally choose desk supply containers with the same color theme to coordinate. Be sure to keep the décor to a minimum, as a cluttered desk leads to distraction and unproductivity.

Organize with Purpose

In order to maintain a tidy, clutter-free desk, you need to have intentional and effective organization. If your desk is facing a wall, you can utilize creative vertical storage to stay organized. If you struggle to come up with organization solutions or have too much clutter, you can hire a professional to help you. However, just be sure to revisit your initial budget to ensure you have the finances available. The cost to find a home organizing consultant in Austin, for example, is typically anywhere between $180 and $925. If you can find it in your budget, this may be a great solution for a clutter-free, organized office.

Whatever your dream is, you can make your home office exactly what you desire within any budget and using any space!

Written by special guest contributor: Alice Robertson
http://tidyhome.info/ | alice@tidyhome.info