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Spotlight on AIS

Spotlight on one of our favorite manufacturers:



180 office opened our doors eleven years ago with AIS as our primary partner. AIS has the ability to manufacture high quality office furniture at a mid market price. This really challenges other manufacturers.Their employees believe office furniture is not always a serious matter. In fact, they believe it can be fun. It’s more about having a happy mindset and loving what you do.They listen to their customers needs and can make quick changes at the customer's request. This attitude and the dedication AIS has towards their work is what leads them to customer satisfaction and success.


AIS believes strongly in taking care of our environment. They work hard to eliminate waste from the environment and are big on recycling. Some great examples of this...The ANEW program, in this program they help clients repurpose old or unwanted furniture. Even more impressive, they have won the coveted Shingo prize for Lean manufacturing. As stated by The Shingo Instiute “The Shingo Prize is the world’s highest standard for operational excellence.”



      AIS was established in 1989 by Bruce Platzman and Arthur Maxwell. What started as a clone manufacturer has grown to a complete line offering unique and award winning systems, benching, casegoods, seating and now tables and soft seating. From then to now...AIS has relocated to one, state of the art facility, in Leominster MA. They have used their hard work and cutting edge manufacturing to get them to where they are today. 180 is proud to work with AIS. Contact us and let us find the AIS option that works for you!

Seating Options

When in the office environment, usually we sit in chairs. But recently more options have become available. Not that everyone doesn't love sitting in a comfortable chair, but there are healthier options so we can get our work done, blood flowing, and still be comfortable. The focal upright chair, adjustable desk for standing or sitting, spool chair, yoga ball, and many more substitutes to chairs. These provide employees in the office an alternative to sitting all day. They can use their core to balance,  get their blood flowing through their bodies, or simply stand up for a little bit.


4 Ways to Brighten Up the Office Work Day During the Winter Months

We have almost made it through the winter months, but sometimes this time of year can take a toll and put us in a slump in the office. Thankfully, there are little changes that can be done in the work place to help you make it to spring.

Let the Sun Shine In

Yes, there are many days when it’s gray and chilly outside, but it is not like that every day.  Savor those sun shiny days and take time to sit near the window and open the blinds. Just getting exposure to the sun or watching what goes on outside can really boost our moods. It gives us that extra energy to get things done.

Go Green

Go Green.jpg

Give the office some life and get a plant. There are many benefits for having plants in the workspace besides increasing productivity. They are known to create a happier environment because it makes the place calming and comfortable. Many studies have shown that they reduce stress and help with common issues such as anxiety and depression. Plants give off CO2 so, even the air quality becomes cleaner. Overall, they improve the health of the office.

Get A Diffuser

Another way to spruce up the office is investing in an oil diffuser. We all deal with a lot of stress at work but just putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil can make for a more comfortable environment. This is also a way to get creative by blending different oils together to boost the aroma. Various essential oils help with different things. For instance, lavender is a great choice for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder because it helps ease depression and anxiety symptoms. Rosemary oil can help promote productivity and clarity. Another great one is lemongrass, which energizes and boosts moods.

                                                                                                     Get Moving

 SpecialT ValuLift Height Adjustable Table 

SpecialT ValuLift Height Adjustable Table 

Create a work environment that allows for a lot of movement, so you don’t get stuck in a slump. Take breaks and take a walk. Another great addition to rejuvenate the workspace are sit-stand/height adjustable desks. These give you the flexibility to sit or stand while you work. Standing gets the blood flowing which enhances energy, good posture, and sparks creativity.

Why Every Office Needs Great Furniture

Most of us don't think about how much our work environment affects our productivity. We get stuck in our day-to-day routines by going to the same desk five days a week, in an office that never seems to change. It gets boring and not as much work gets accomplished. So, what's the secret to being a more productive employee as well as the others around you?  The solution could be as simple as having the right type of office furniture. 

 Modway- Articulate Mesh Green Office Chair 

Modway- Articulate Mesh Green Office Chair 

The first step is getting rid of your old, dull furniture. It causes you to become lazy and not want be in your work area. It promotes a loss of interest and adds to the irritation of your daily work duties. So, choose desks and chairs with bright colors. It's fun and will lift people's moods. Colors such as green and orange tend to ease stress, so more work can be completed.

Another important item a really great office has, is the standing desk. Many recent studies have found that there is a link to the amount of time we spend sitting and the chances of being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Basically, the longer we sit, the higher our chances of getting one of those diseases. Many businesses have started adding these desks to their offices across the country. The standing desk allows you to stretch, improves circulation, and promotes better posture. Overall, offices end up with a healthier staff. Companies that have these desks tend to have fewer people taking sick days. 

The last important asset to a highly productive office, are the accessories. It's the little things that can make a difference. For example, if the copy machine is in an inconvenient area, chances are many workers will put that task off. Also, having things like lamps and easy access power strips will help get things done at a quicker speed. 

For more information be sure and check  out  Inc.'s, 7 Reasons Why Great Office Furniture Increases Productivity. If you want your office to be as productive as possible, give us a call and we will help you get it done. 512) 992-0392

AIS Elite Escape Trip

This year AIS hosted its first Elite Escape Trip to Punta Cana. The manufacture's top sellers were awarded a trip of a lifetime and our very own, Wyatt and Kendell Russell, were among some of the few who got to go. They enjoyed five days of sandy beaches, delicious food, and fun activities. Not only was AIS able to organize this exciting trip for their winners, they also found time to give back to the community. 

When you think of the Dominican Republic, the first thing that comes to mind are the gorgeous white beaches of the Caribbean. What many people don't know is that outside of the resorts, at least one-third of the country's population is living in poverty. AIS members saw just how harsh the conditions were when they visited one of the local schools. In addition to donating school supplies and baseball equipment, they made sure every student received a brand new chair for the classroom. Check out the video below to see the full story:

Beware Of The Open Office

By now, most workplaces are familiar with the well-known trend called the open office. It's defined as an open area that lacks enclosed rooms and high barriers. While this seems like a perfect layout for businesses that depend on collaboration, many people don't realize the conflicts it can cause. 

Disruptions are the number one reason this layout does not succeed in some offices. With people being so close in an open environment, there are risks of constant interruptions or overhearing other people's personal conversations. By not having that little bit of privacy, it limits employee's work production and even their overall well-being. Studies have shown that these types of offices have a higher rate of people who take sick days.  

It's not to say that the open office is a completely toxic plan for every work environment; it's just not a perfect solution for certain companies. Most businesses still need the collaboration aspect, just not all the time. Luckily, the answer to these issues lies in the slowly growing concept called flexible offices. The new generation of offices allow people to have an open or closed work space as an option. They can choose whether they want to work in a closed office or the lounge or whatever communal area they feel will maximize their work production. 

In result, the flex office leads to a happy work staff! For more information on this visit: http://fortune.com/2016/05/12/the-open-office-concept-is-dead/.  If you think your office needs to be a little more flexible, be sure and give us a call at (512) 992-0392.

NeoCon 2017

Since 1969, Chicago has held one of the most popular trade shows that attracts around 50,000 design professionals each year. For 49 years, this has helped businesses around the country have access to new products and the latest innovations for evolving their office in the modern world.

It will feature over 500 companies with a wide range of things for any industry such as lighting, furniture, floor coverings, and much, much more! There will be almost 1 million square feet of exhibition, three showrooms, and one floor for temporary exhibitors.

This is a can't miss! This three day event will start on June 12-14 at The Mart. For more information on how to attend visit http://www.neocon.com/about/show-info#

Space Planning

As more businesses relocate here to ATX and offices begin to expand, the need for space planning becomes essential.

So, what is it exactly and, why is it so important?

Space planning is the design layout of an office with the idea that it's arranged in a way that will support every part of the business. It helps make sure you utilize the maximum amount of space possible. It also gives you the opportunity to create a comfortable, yet productive environment to build a solid work culture.

 Groupe Lacasse Signature Series

Groupe Lacasse Signature Series

There are a lot things to consider while space planning, like how the layout will affect your other team members or if you made enough room for company growth. Instead of worrying about all those details just give us a call! We offer FREE space planning. Yes, that's right for FREE! Our team of experts know just how to organize spaces and are able to listen to all your specific needs. This will save time on your end and allow you to get a professional's point of view.

Give us a call at (512) 992-0392 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM


Modway Coming Soon!

Summer is on its way which means it's time to spruce up the office! So, why not check out our upcoming brand Modway?

Modway's contemporary look is mixed with quality and comfort. This trendy brand has a wide selection of furniture for the workspace, dining, and living area. It is guaranteed to make any space look unique. This brand in regularly used for set designs in Hollywood. You can see some of their items in shows like Modern Family. Their ecletic collections can range from modern to eccentric.

Here's a peek at some of their products:

 Jive High Back Office Chair in Bright Green

Jive High Back Office Chair in Bright Green

The Jive Office Chair is designed for the modern office. It features a durable ribbed back that supports good posture and padded angled armrests for typing. This is available in eight different vinyl colors.

 Lippa 36" Artificial Marble Dining Table

Lippa 36" Artificial Marble Dining Table

The Lippa Dining Table is a classic modern piece. The table’s circular artifical marble top and tapered metal base are carefully lacquered with a scratch and chip resistant finish.

 Impression Desk in Orange

Impression Desk in Orange

The Impression Desk is one of Modway's more fun and progressive items. It is constructed glossy fiberglass and has five storage shelves. This is sure to give off good vibes in any reception area or private office.

This stylish brand will be on our website in a couple of months. To stay up to date with our happenings like us on Facebook!

Conference Tables of the Future

The two main goals in a successful business is to find the most effective way to communicate and increase productivity. Thanks to the new concept of Media Tables, you can achieve both!

 Mayline- Keep Modular Wall

Mayline- Keep Modular Wall

Media Tables are typically made up of a high bench table and at least one monitor. These workstations are light and easy to move with endless options of media tools to meet your office needs. This sets up the ultimate area to conduct conference calls, video calls, and meetings. 

 hpfi- Matrix

hpfi- Matrix

These were first made for schools in order to have a place to present projects and allow students to work in groups. Since moving to the business world, these stations are known as the "modern conference table". You can add multiple monitors, white boards, and whatever else that can be useful for presentations and calls. Aside from being the prime place to hold meetings, it can also be a place to take a break and use social media or read emails.

 Sparkeology- Pete Series

Sparkeology- Pete Series

One of the most important things that media tables promote is collaboration. This is beneficial to any office environment because it helps people bounce ideas off of one another and share each others point of view. Collaborative working has also been linked to quicker problem solving in the work place.

When you add all these factors up, you get a highly productive and stylish work environment! If you're interested in adding media tables to your office, feel free to give us a call or visit our website!


Office Design In An Ever Growing City

There is no doubt that Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. With an influx of people and jobs, it can be difficult to expand and use an office's maximum space. Here are a few key concepts in making that transition a little bit easier:

  • Understanding Your Office Space

It is important to get to know your future workspace before leasing into an office. This is necessary because you can understand how much space is taken up by walls, bathrooms, and mechanicals.



  • Flexibility with Various Types of Work

While offices are expanding, it can become crowded and provide less privacy for co-workers. By creating different types of work environments, such as private cubicles or open conference areas, leads to a smoother flowing workplace.



  • Defining Your Company Visually

Make sure your office reflects who you are as a company, so that it attracts people who should and want to be there.

To see more tips on how to design your office in a high-growth city, check out: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/office-design-101-high-growth-businesses/



The Importance Of Ergonomics

Let’s take a look at ergonomics, the study of efficiency in the workplace, and how it intersects with the furniture industry. What if I told you that a few systematic changes could increase the productivity and quality of health for your employees? 

 Ergonomics Has Many Benefits In The Workplace

Ergonomics Has Many Benefits In The Workplace

Investing into an ergonomic workplace is one of the best ways to save money on healthcare costs and keep employees satisfied. In fact, leading companies across many different sectors have implemented ergonomic systems. Alleviating the physical and demand on your employees allows them to perform their work at an optimal level. Employees also generally notice when a company is investing in their own individual health, motivating them to be as productive as possible.

Finally, emphasizing their posture and limiting their exertion significantly reduces an employee’s chance of developing a musculoskeletal disorder, which account for one-third of worker’s compensation. 

 MSD's make up one-thirds of total worker's compensation

MSD's make up one-thirds of total worker's compensation

So now you’re convinced that ergonomics significantly improves the workplace. Well, 180 Office has partnered with Austin Health Works, an ergonomics consultant, and we have done our research on the subject. Check out these two products that we have available: 

 Eurotech Ergo-Human

Eurotech Ergo-Human

This Ergo-Human Chair that we sell from Eurotech is very functional and comfortable. Anyone would love spending 8 hours per day on this flexible mesh. 

 The LIFT Workstation from ESI

The LIFT Workstation from ESI

This LIFT Sit-To-Stand system that we sell from ESI allows you to improve your circulation by doing your work upright. It clamps to the back of most work surfaces and even includes a palm rest on the keyboard platform.

If you would like to convert your workplace into an ergonomic-friendly environment, feel free to send us a message through our website!  We’d be happy to help out with any questions you may have!

NeoCon East 2016

NeoCon East will be happening in Philadelphia this year on Wednesday, November 9th. Hundreds of companies are set to showcase their exciting new products, including some of our most popular vendors like 9to5 and Mayline.

Over 7000 industry professionals will be in attendance, from architects to furniture dealers. The keynote speakers include Marc Kushner, CEO of Architizer and Partner Of New York Architecture Firm HWKN, and Ayse Birsel, Design Specialist who founded Birsel + Seck. It is sure to be an exciting event for those interested what direction the furniture industry is heading towards. 

Feel free to like us on Facebook if you want to see what new products we’ll offer from this event! 

The OFUSA 2016 Annual Meeting

The OFUSA 2016 Annual Meeting is coming up on November 14th! We will be networking with other OFUSA office furniture distributors across the country to discover new vendors for you!

While customer service has always been our number one priority at 180 Office Solutions, keeping up to date with the office furniture industry is just as important. Every year at these conferences, we are introduced to new quality product lines that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically efficient. That means more incredible opportunities for your new office!

Stay up to date with our new inventory in the coming months by liking us on Facebook!

Best of NeoCon 2016

The displays at NeoCon 2016 were amazing. Congratulations to all of our manufacturers! We can't wait to try out your new products!

This years Best of NeoCon winners include:

Hover Benching by DeskMakers, Inc.

Gold Award in Furniture: Benching

High Density Storage by Steelcase

Gold Award in Files & Mobile Storage Systems

We can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

NeoCon 2016

NeoCon 2016, the most recognized annual trade show, is the place to learn about the newest trends and innovations in office furniture. For three days, the newest groundbreaking products from 500 leading companies will be on display, and then the best of those will be announced. The event covers 1 million square feet of exhibition space, and 4 floors of showrooms. Along with the displays, there will be over 100 seminars, special programs. and keynote presentations.

If you're searching for the next big thing, look no further. Each year, a panel of 40 jurors review nearly 350 products, and award the most outstanding entries with Best of NeoCon Awards. In past years, many of our manufacturers have won Best of NeoCon Awards for their iconic entries. 2015 winners include:

C.I.T.E. Office Furniture System by Lacasse

Gold Level Award for Furniture Systems: Enhancements

Oxygen Sit/Stand by AIS

Silver Level Award for Furniture: Benching

Coza by Boss Design

Silver Level Award for Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task

Thread by Steelcase

Silver Level Award for Technology-Integrated Solutions

We have many manufacturers entering the competition this year as well. Be on the look out for exciting developments from:

DeskMakers, Inc.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Safco Products


and Virco

NeoCon 2016 will be held from June 13-15 at The Mart in Chicago. To attend, please visit: http://www.neocon.com/

A Better Work Environment

----- There are many benching systems, and at 180 Office we can provide you with the best fit for your office type! Systems can be modified and customized. -----

Within the past decade, benching has become the ultimate solution to a company's evolving financial and cultural needs. The recent economic downturn caused businesses to focus on cost saving and real estate flexibility. And the cultural shift towards collaboration and team-work also created a need for more open work spaces. While a traditional office space may have worked a few years ago, benching offers a more efficient and adaptable alternative.

Darran NOT SO Square Open Workstation

The recession forced many companies to reevaluate their real estate needs. According to Reis, a real estate research firm, "companies have given up 137.8 million square feet nationwide" since 2008; space allocated to each employee decreased significantly. In exchange for cubicles and closed off work spaces, offices are turning towards open-plan layouts and benching.

         AIS Oxygen

A 2008 U.S. Workplace Survey found that collaboration has become a major factor of success among top companies. Now that the workforce is comprised of mainly "knowledge workers," it is vital that they can quickly communicate and receive feedback from coworkers. A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that, in a traditional cubicle-based office, it takes "knowledge workers" 4.7 hours to get a response from a colleague and 8.8 hours from a manager. On the other hand, benching allows for an immediate exchange of information and collaboration.

     Mayline e5

Additionally, companies must be able to adapt to evolving worker profiles. While there are still traditional workers who do both interactive and independent work, many workforces look very different. Benching is a great option for teams and transient workers.

Mayline C.I.T.E.

Benching can also help with new sustainability initiatives; companies can earn up to three Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Commercial Interior (LEED CI) points dependent on the extent daylight views.

            AIS Oxygen

However, benching systems means less privacy and more possible distractions. To combat this, you can set up small meeting areas and conference rooms that employees can use for privacy. Also, sound masking and speech privacy systems are an easy way to reduce auditory distractions in any office set up. Check out our last blog post for more information on sound masking!

Get started with benching! Call for free space planning!

Sound Masking and Speech Privacy

According to the Austin Business Journal, 110 people move to Austin every day. In this ever-growing city, our inescapable closeness can be a big problem when you need silence or privacy.

Whether you're sitting in a cubicle, a doctor's office, or anywhere near others, take a moment and listen. Can you hear your coworker's conversations? Can you hear the reception desk, or even your doctor talking to other patients? If so, you need sound masking!

Sound masking creates a low-level background noise that blurs conversation without creating a noticeable distraction. Using these systems, you can create a more efficient environment for your employees, and increase confidentiality for your clients.

At 180 Office Solutions, we work with Soft dB, an excellent, reliable, and competitive sound masking company. Their sleek products are unobtrusive, and fit in well in any office space. So if you're looking for an easy fix for your efficiency and privacy needs, call or visit us today for an evaluation and quote!

Stand up Austin

Do you feel that incessant ache and annoying strain in your lower back? Most people know by now that staying seated for an 8 hour work day leads to muscle stiffness, back pain, and other more serious disorders. However, just taking a small break isn't going to cut it. According to experts, the best option is to "sit for 20 minutes, then stand for 20 minutes, and after 2 hours take a 15-minute break. This is closer to the natural rhythm of human physical activity."

That's where we come in! Many of our clients have already made the switch to sit-to-stand desks. Choose from any of our amazing sit-to-stand manufacturers, and make your life better today!

·       Special T

·       AIS

·       DARRAN

·       Surface Works

·       Groupe Lacasse

·       Right Angle

·       Mayline

·       EFI

·       ABC

Spring into Austin

Austin is constantly abuzz with festivals, concerts, shows, etc. While you'll never be bored in this weird, vibrant, exhilarating town, you have to be prepared to take in every experience! Stick with us, 180 Office Solutions' seasoned Austinites, and we'll post great tips for our favorite events, as well as solutions to all your office space needs!

April 8-10: MOTOGP Grand Prix of The Americas

April 10: Austin American Statesman Capitol 10K

April 14-17: Old Settler's Music Festival

April 15-17: Austin Reggae Fest

April 15-23: Austin Fashion Week

April 24-26: Austin Food + Wine Festival

April 23: Louisiana  Swamp Thing & Crawfish Festival

April 29-May 1: Art City Austin Festival

April 30: Eeyore's Annual Birthday Party