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Sound Masking and Speech Privacy

According to the Austin Business Journal, 110 people move to Austin every day. In this ever-growing city, our inescapable closeness can be a big problem when you need silence or privacy.

Whether you're sitting in a cubicle, a doctor's office, or anywhere near others, take a moment and listen. Can you hear your coworker's conversations? Can you hear the reception desk, or even your doctor talking to other patients? If so, you need sound masking!

Sound masking creates a low-level background noise that blurs conversation without creating a noticeable distraction. Using these systems, you can create a more efficient environment for your employees, and increase confidentiality for your clients.

At 180 Office Solutions, we work with Soft dB, an excellent, reliable, and competitive sound masking company. Their sleek products are unobtrusive, and fit in well in any office space. So if you're looking for an easy fix for your efficiency and privacy needs, call or visit us today for an evaluation and quote!