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Within the past decade, benching has become the ultimate solution to a company's evolving financial and cultural needs. The recent economic downturn caused businesses to focus on cost saving and real estate flexibility. And the cultural shift towards collaboration and team-work also created a need for more open work spaces. While a traditional office space may have worked a few years ago, benching offers a more efficient and adaptable alternative.

Darran NOT SO Square Open Workstation

The recession forced many companies to reevaluate their real estate needs. According to Reis, a real estate research firm, "companies have given up 137.8 million square feet nationwide" since 2008; space allocated to each employee decreased significantly. In exchange for cubicles and closed off work spaces, offices are turning towards open-plan layouts and benching.

         AIS Oxygen

A 2008 U.S. Workplace Survey found that collaboration has become a major factor of success among top companies. Now that the workforce is comprised of mainly "knowledge workers," it is vital that they can quickly communicate and receive feedback from coworkers. A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that, in a traditional cubicle-based office, it takes "knowledge workers" 4.7 hours to get a response from a colleague and 8.8 hours from a manager. On the other hand, benching allows for an immediate exchange of information and collaboration.

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Additionally, companies must be able to adapt to evolving worker profiles. While there are still traditional workers who do both interactive and independent work, many workforces look very different. Benching is a great option for teams and transient workers.

Mayline C.I.T.E.

Benching can also help with new sustainability initiatives; companies can earn up to three Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Commercial Interior (LEED CI) points dependent on the extent daylight views.

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However, benching systems means less privacy and more possible distractions. To combat this, you can set up small meeting areas and conference rooms that employees can use for privacy. Also, sound masking and speech privacy systems are an easy way to reduce auditory distractions in any office set up. Check out our last blog post for more information on sound masking!

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