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Giveaway rules and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of 180 Office Solutions. All email addresses submitted in Giveaway entries will be added to 180 Office Solutions newsletter subscription list. Your privacy is important to us.

Monthly Chair Giveaway Rules: Deadline to enter the monthly chair giveaway is midnight on the 15th day of each month’s giveaway—or the first Monday following the 15th, should it fall on a weekend or holiday. Deadline to enter may be extended at discretion of 180 Office Solutions. Minimum number of overall entries per month are required for the drawing to take place. If minimum monthly entry level is not reached, the drawing for that month will be cancelled resulting in the submitted entries for that month to roll over to the following month's contest. Your entries are not wasted.

Winner(s) will be contacted by 180 Office Solutions no later than the 15th day of the month following the giveaway. Winner(s) assume responsibility for their collection of the prize (pick up or postage). Prizes may not be substituted for cash value. Promotional images are an example only. Winning chair may not be in the colors/finishes shown on advertisements. Giveaway chair finishes (colors and fabrics) are not represented in advertisement photo. Giveaway chair finishes (colors, fabrics, etc.) per drawing are pre-determined by 180 Office Solutions without the option of substitution by winner.

Chair Giveaway entries will be re-submitted for an end of year chair drawing. Details on 180 Office Solutions’ end-of-year Giveaway to be announced in December.