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Mayline Insertable Manager's System


Mayline Insertable Manager's System


Quick Overview

Mayline goes beyond simple file storage with products that will accommodate various media such as banker’s boxes, pharmaceuticals, sporting goods, tools and just about anything else you can imagine. We offer a wide range of space-saving, time-saving, money-saving solutions to meet your specific needs, plus free design services that will help you get the most out of your investment. 

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The unique Insertables® shelving system fits any standard overhead cabinet, or use to organize storage cabinet shelves, or even on desktops as a mini-sorter to store forms, literature, file folders, binders and more.

  • Manager's System
  • Provides 12 pockets, each 10"W x 12"D x 3"H
  •  Patented Kwik-Shelf™ system provides locking shelves that adjust on 1/2"H increments.
  • Rubber feet add stability and surface protection.
  • Centered thumb-cuts and beveled front shelf flanges allow quick retrieval of materials.
  • Standard Finishes: Pebble Gray only
  • All-steel construction will last a lifetime.
  • Weight: 33 lbs.