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We are the office furniture for Seguin, Texas

Whether you're moving, expanding, or slimming down, we are a full service dealership and offer complete design, delivery, and installation services. If you are looking for a turnkey provider we are happy to handle it all! We are your full service office furnishing solution.

From space planning to design, moving to installation we handle all of the details putting your mind at ease while making your workspace aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Our office furniture in Seguin, Texas is owned and operated with a commitment to customer service. We want hear your needs in order for us to offer a recommendation that fits your requirements as well as your budget. So if you live in the city of Seguin, and have an office furniture problem, we’ve got you covered!

We can help assess your current furniture, show how it will fit in your new space and provide a fair market value. We carry an extensive variety of furniture and ancillary pieces to fill any need or fit any budget.

Our product categories include:

Desks and desk sets, reception desks and lobby furniture, office chairs and guest seating, file cabinets and storage, break room tables and chairs, systems furniture and cubicles, conference and training tables; even ergonomic solutions, artwork and other miscellaneous items.



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Many of the office furniture products that are available for purchase are in-stock. Other office furniture products may be limited in terms of finish and feature selections, but we will have other options available. If you have questions, suggestions, need assistance, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office, or send us an email down below and our staff will be happy to assist you! :)


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You–your business–your office–your city are all woven together to make the future history of Seguin, a little brighter. Our goal is to help you achieve the best office environment possible for your company and give you some of the best customer service. 180 Office Solutions will always go the extra mile to help our clients to get the best deal, the best service, and support.

We love to build relationships with our customers, and we are constantly refining our consultation, space planning, delivery and installation, and follow-up processes. When you buy your office furniture from us, we are partnering with you to make your new office the best workspace it can be!

We are honored to give you the chance to contribute to your city by making your office great again! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and considering our company. We love to serve you and we hope we will see you again soon!


Exploring Seguin, Texas

Every city has a story to tell. Seguin, Texas is a city with the greatest story of all. The city of Seguin houses the biggest nutcracker collection in the World. They also are home to the oldest licensed bar in the state of Texas. Tourists can find the hottest amusement parks and a 6,000 yr old archeological dig in this city. Both Mammoth remains and Indian campsites have been found in the area. These are only a few things that sets Seguin’s story apart from the rest.

Seguin, Texas was first known as Walnut Springs in 1836. However, the name swiftly changed a few months later in hopes of honoring distinguished army hero, Colonel Juan Seguin. The city has a great location central to many popular Texan cities. Austin is only 50 miles away, Corpus Christi is 150 miles away, and Houston is 160 miles away.

The land in Seguin is rich with oil and minerals making it the ideal location for ranching and agriculture. Several Rivers and creeks flow through the area as well.Head down to the Seguin Courthouse and take a picture with the famous nut. The nut monument is to honor the location of the world’s largest pecan. Seguin’s crops can produce around 3 million pounds of pecans.

Several museums are located within this city. A few are the Papes Pecan House, Vintage Aviation Museum, and the Heritage Village. Several tours are also offered in Seguin. Tourists can take a 20th century tour of Downtown Seguin. Tourists can also visit the Blue Lotus Winery tour.

The Seguin Events Complex holds several fairs, play area for children, volleyball courts, rodeos, dance halls, and baseball and softball fields. The Guadalupe County Fair is held at this Complex every October. The Wave Pool Aquatic center, located off Austin Street, is home to several activities and sites. The ZDT Amusement Park is a great experience for all ages. The amusement park offers an endless amount of activities, some of which include bungee trampoline, rock climbing, and go-carts.

We know that moving to a new city is a challenge, so we’ve attempted to ease the pain of adjusting to the unfamiliar. Down below, we’ve highlighted some of the best places to visit in your new home. Enjoy and have fun exploring the wonderful city of Seguin, Texas!



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