SpecialT is singularly focused on being the most comprehensive table company in the United States and our goal is to bring you the highest quality tables that you buy every day at prices to fit your budget. Steve and Loren Rozeboom, owned a large contract furniture dealership in Atlanta for many years and founded Special-T there as a company that would support the table needs of contract dealers.


About Special T

Special T is a table company and strives to only be that. We are one of the few Table companies that owns our Base making facilities that allows us to control the quality of our production and also to change with Market needs very easily. Our 2 facilities are in Eastern Europe and have great Trade agreements with the U.S.

Special T's beginning came from a successful Dealership owning background and making bases to fit that Market need and growing into a company that today stocks over 350,000 Table Bases in our Atlanta facility. Special T offers 1-Day Shipping on in-stock tables and bases, 5-Day on Quick-ship option tops and 15-Day Custom Table options across the board and can fill the needs of any project. Special T believes in the quality of production so much we offer a Parts & LABOR Warranty that will cover any costs you could have fixing a table we produced.


We go by the name of Special T tables, because Tables is all we do.