In office spaces, the background noise level is generally low. Hence, people unintentionally overhear conversations – a difficult situation for all concerned. To address this problem, sound masking systems emit a soft, inconspicuous background sound with the use of a loudspeaker system. The ambient sound level becomes more uniform and otherwise noisy distractions are muffled by the sound masking.

Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. The result: Employees are less distracted, they are able to concentrate better, and their productivity rises measurably !


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Make your own opinion, ask for a trial. We guarantee that you will appreciate and be impressed by this feature that you will adopt it for all your workspaces.

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment Features:

  •  Control of masking volume based on the level of disturbing noise in a room.

  •  Disturbing noise is measured using sound level sensors installed in the ceiling.

  •  Masking sound level is adjusted automatically in real-time.

  •  Adjustment rate, high limit and low limit are programmable separately, for each zone.

  •  An input mixer allows for the combination of any active input with any output channel.

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